Peacock Tags, Inc

Allen St
(409) 751-4300

Peacock Tags, Inc. specializes in engraved, embossed, and vinyl signage and identification products for almost any application. We provide the identification products you need in the following materials: laminated plastic, phenolic, lamicoid, stainless steel, aluminum, and vinyl. We use the term tag loosely to keep things simple. A tag to us is any identification product whether it is a nameplate, sign, sticker, or any other identification product. To keep it simple we just call all of the ID products "TAGS".

The company has continued to grow and reach customers across the United States and worldwide through its excellent reputation of first class customer service. Peacock began as a small company with personal service and continues to approach business in the same manner today. You will actually get a "live" person on the line when calling and will not be rushed while placing your order. Attention to the customer and attention to the details is what has made Peacock Tags, Inc. successful and we promise to always give each customer the service they deserve.

The staff at Peacock appreciates their existing customers immensely and looks forward to the opportunity to meet new customers and provide your identification needs.

Fastenal Company

438 S Main St
(409) 751-3278

Fastenal's First Store

The Fastenal story began in 1967 when Bob Kierlin pooled together $30,000 with four friends and opened the first Fastenal store, a 1,000 sq. ft. shop in his hometown of Winona, MN. (The original business plan was to dispense nuts and bolts via custom vending machines, but the technology proved impracticable at the time. Several decades would pass before Fastenal finally popularized industrial vending.)

After surviving the typical struggles of a startup business, Fastenal gradually found its niche – by going the extra mile for customers and providing the kind of service that kept them coming back. Kierlin later drilled this approach down to four simple words: Growth Through Customer Service .

This motto has guided us forward as we've grown from a small regional supplier into one of the world's most dynamic growth companies – from one store to more than 2,600 and counting. Along the way, we've aggressively invested in things that make a difference for our customers, continuously improving a multifaceted service network that today includes:

  • A stringent quality management system anchored by our engineering teams and testing laboratories around the world.
  • Thousands of manufacturer-partners, making each Fastenal store a one-stop source for a huge range of OEM, MRO and Construction products.
  • A multi-site custom manufacturing division, quickly producing machined, hot forged and cold formed parts to provide solutions for our customers.
  • Regional distribution centers across North America, working with local stores to anticipate customer demand and keep product flowing when and where it's needed.
  • A large fleet of big trucks and local delivery vehicles, enabling us to move product faster and more cost-effectively than the competition.
  • The world's largest industrial vending program, FAST Solutions℠, helping thousands of customers reduce consumption and operate more efficiently.
  • And at the heart of it all: 2,600-plus Fastenal stores spanning all 50 U.S. states, Canada and Mexico, with additional locations in Central and South America, Europe and Asia – each striving to be the best industrial supplier in the market it serves.

Antique Mall of Lumberton

1181 S Main St
(409) 755-3388

The Antique Mall of Lumberton opened in 2001 and was almost immediately one of the most popular antique stops in southeast Texas. Come see what our 40 plus dealers have to offer. And then we have another antique mall just a few blocks away.

Step back in time and experience a shopping sensation at the most popular antique malls in all of Southeast Texas.We offer the two best antique malls in southeast Texas and they are less than two minutes apart. Both are filled with great merchandise and the friendliest dealers you have ever seen. Come and shop for your home, find a gift for that special occasion or to add another great item to your collection. With so many dealers and so many items to choose from, we definitely have something for everyone. We are conveniently located just 3 minutes north of Beaumont, on Highway 96. You can shop with us 7 days a week from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Boutte's Original Cajun Boudin

1763 FM 3513 Rd # 25
(409) 755-0893

Boutte's Boudin is a family owned and operated USDA plant located in Lumberton, Tx.
Boutte's Boudin originated in Lafeyette, Louisiana under the original ownership of Ronnie Boutte. With his passing in 1990, M.L. & Loretta Singleton took over the operation and have been dedicated to its success ever since.
Boutte's Boudin is an authentic cajun recipe made daily with only the freshest ingredients. Boutte's Boudin products do not contain MSG, gluten or any other preservatives. See Products page for details.
The main operation is in product manufacturing & distribution; however, walk-ins are always welcome. We deliver throughout a 150 mile radius into many different venues of food establishments which include- grocery stores, restauraunts, schools, convenient stores, meat markets, catering businesses, ect...
In addition to our Boudin Links, we offer rice dressing and boudin balls, battered and unbattered, in various sizes.

Port Arthur

About the City of Port Arthur

Before There Was Port Arthur

Port Arthur has celebrated more than 100 years as a Gulf Coast city, but its timeline is only a fraction of the greater history of the region's inhabitants. The shores of Sabine Lake have been occupied more than 1,500 years; American Indians, primarily the Atakapas , were the earliest known settlers. The late 1700s brought the first visits from Europeans -- English, Spanish and French. Most were explorers who did not stay, but in the 1800s the lake became an avenue for trade. Among the traders was Jean Laffite , and legends of hidden treasure have lingered in Southeast Texas.

The earliest attempt at permanently settling the area was the community of Aurora , located in what is now historic Port Arthur. Some lots were sold around 1840, but the project failed to take off. The area was abandoned by the time Port Arthur was established.

Port Arthur's Founding and Early Years
The inspiration for Port Arthur's founding was novel; railroad pioneer Arthur E. Stilwell , who established the town, later wrote that the ideas for his railways and the location of his namesake city came from "brownies" who spoke to him.

Stilwell began settling the city in 1895 with financial assistance from Dutch investors. The founder of what is now Kansas City Southern Railroad envisioned Port Arthur as the southern terminus for his new railway, a center for trade and tourism. The city dates its official beginnings to its incorporation in 1898.

By that time Stilwell had established the Port Arthur Channel and Dock Co., which began cutting a canal along the western edge of the lake to deep water at Sabine Pass. The port was opened for seagoing shipping with the arrival of the British steamer Saint Oswald in August 1899.

Pioneers arrived by the hundreds and began building homes and opening businesses. Stilwell's contributions included the Sabine Hotel on Lakeshore Drive, a natatorium to serve all the residents and an Export Pier into Lake Sabine. He also brought 300 Dutch colonists to begin a new life as farmers in this rich coastal prairie. Though many of the Dutch names have been lost to Port Arthur, their cultural contributions are still found in nearby Nederland.

John Gates Takes an Interest
In 1899 Stilwell invited his friend, John W. Gates , to visit Port Arthur. Gates quickly decided that he, too, wanted to have an interest in the development of this new and promising town. Upon being denied a position on the board of the railroad, he promptly, by questionable means, had Stilwell's interests declared bankrupt and Gates made himself president of Kansas City Southern.

With this inauspicious beginning, Gates became the moving force in the development of Port Arthur. Aided by the effects of the Spindletop Gusher in 1901, he built the Mary Gates Hospital in 1909 and founded the Port Arthur Business College (now Lamar-Port Arthur) the same year. Gates built a magnificent home on Lakeshore Drive at a cost of $50,000.

The Oil Boom

The eruption of the Lucas Gusher at Spindletop in 1901 changed the fate of Port Arthur. The port quickly began to serve the needs of the new petrochemical industry, and companies such as Gulf Oil Corp. in 1901 and Texaco in 1902 set up refining facilities in the city. By 1957 Port Arthur was known as the center of the world's prosperous oil refining facilities.

A Patchwork of Communities

What is now called Port Arthur encompasses what were originally a number of different communities established at different times for various purposes. Among those that have been incorporated by the city over the years are Griffing Park , Pear Ridge and Lakeview . The names remain in common use. Two others, Sabine Pass and Port Acres , are still often regarded as self-contained communities, and Sabine Pass in fact has its own school district, water district, port authority and zip code.

Port Arthur's nearest neighbors in Jefferson County are Nederland , Port Neches and Groves , all of which have rich histories of their own.

Celebrities from Port Arthur

A number of Port Arthurans have left their impact on the country in the arts, sports, politics and business. Easily the best-recognized internationally is rock legend Janis Joplin , but other names of note include artist Robert Rauschhenberg, Texas Gov. Allen Shivers, Olympic athlete Babe Zaharias, football coach Jimmy Johnson, football player Joe Washington, Jr., "Gone With the Wind" actress Evelyn Keyes and businessman Mack H. Hannah, Jr. These and many others are honored in the Museum of the Gulf Coast .

More on Port Arthur's History

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